Who is ET?

Hi folks! My name is Eeshat Tiwary, and for the sake of simplicity, I go by my initials, ET. I’m not sure if I’m anything like Spielberg’s alien, but I’m quite sure I want to reach extra terrestrial heights on my bike.

I’ve been cycling for the last three years, and focus mainly on touring and mountain biking. My parents are touring cyclists, so the concept wasn’t new for me. In India, I’ve cycled from Shimla to Manali, Bombay to Goa, Ahmedabad to Rann of Kutch, and Bombay to Diu. My first overseas tour was the Tour of Sri Lanka, a full circle of the island. I consider the Mountain my biggest rival, yet my closest friend. No amount of mountain biking can ever be enough. The cycling bible states – the higher the climb, the steeper the descent. 

For a cyclist, the Aravalli Hills are Gurgaon’s claim to fame. Exploring the upper reaches of the forest with some amazing chaps make for some very very exciting weekends!

For me, passion is the key to happiness, and having found mine, I plan on making the most of life on my bike. I hope I can motivate you to follow your passion, pursue your dreams, and truly be happy!

So hop onto your bikes and follow my journey as I cycle into the unknown and learn about what the world has to offer.